domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Nova entrada no Aikidojournal, do nosso dojo.

No Aikido Journal existe uma nova entrada do nosso dojo. Estamos entretanto, a tentar que os outros dojos sejam apagados visto já não existirem ou terem sido substituídos por outros.

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Instructor:Tristão da Cunha 7 Dan
Style:Dento Iwama Ryu
1200-607 Lisboa

This is the new honbu dojo of Portugal Aikishurendojo, name given by Morihiro Saito Soke in 1986 to our Dojo. Then the name was changed to Portugal aikishurendojo Seishin Teki Tanrenkan Fuzoku dojo by the present Soke, Hitohira Saito.
We follow strict adherence to traditional principles of education inside and outside the dojo, we follow strictly the teachings of Hitohira Saito Shihan and we consider him to be the successor of Morihiro Saito Soke.
In our dojo we train hard but with regard to the level, age, physical power and health of our partner. Lots of suwari waza, are balanced with tachi waza techniques. There is not one day when we do not practice bukiwaza too. Of course, because it was an art that Morihiro Soke dominated perfectly, we also practice shurikenjutsu constantly. We practice everyday of the year.
Our preferred way to practice is Katai keiko, even though we do not neglect the practice of ki no nagare. 
Our belief is that Aikido and farming go together and as such we also practice some farming and gardening.
If you are sincere in your practice and polite, join us for a strong (spiritually and physically) practice.